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Alfred Georgres REGNER, peintre graveur


He experimented with all kinds of techniques, though only kept what fit his personal approach. He would begin each new work with sketches drawn automatically, "Preliminary to paint, my drawings are automatic drawings. I try not to think about anything and let my pencil trace whatever it wants. Then I look at what I have done and try to read shapes. In other words, I project myself into the forms of my own Rorschach test."

The subject (if we can call it so) becomes evident and imposes itself. From the major outlines of the automatic drawing, Regner determines what he calls the filters: where he establishes the divisions between zones of shadow and light. These zones are covered with a kind of irregular patchwork of bright colors that become the foundation of the painting and will create, under future layers and through transparency, the thrilling light that seems to come from the paint itself.