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Alfred Georgres REGNER, peintre graveur

Trois figures
Letter to M. N. (between 1953 and 1955)

I had the idea of the "Three figures" a few days after having taken friends to the Museum of Fontainebleau. The starting point was given to my subconscious by "salon de jeux" (I always seek to understand afterwards the subject of the scribbles coming from my subconscious). In this exhibit, there are several chairs called "voyeuses" that Louis REAN's dictionary of Art and Archeology defines as "chair with an armrest on which one sits astride resting the arms on the padded low back". This kind of seat is intended to be used by those who watch the game. Between the legs of the central figure sitting astride on the voyeuse is inserted (still a puzzle) the card table with a suite of cards down from which one (a six of hearts) is overturned. On the right and on the left, two female characters touch the curves of the man who holds in his hand a belt (he must have put himself at ease) reminding one of a snake or a cord, the equivalent of the white ribbon in the "ruban bouillonné". In several of my paintings, there are cords or ribbons (symbolizing fixation of the child for its mother by the umbilical cord, a cut cord means separation from the family). Excuse me Sir, although I do not know you, to express myself with such details, but I think that I owed you this explanation.