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Alfred Georgres REGNER, painter engraver


Birth of Alfred, first born of Célina PUGET (descendant of the sculptor and elder of 17 children) and of Louis REGNER, teacher of languages at the college Jesuit school, Amiens, "La Providence"..

Birth of Jean, second son - Death of Alfred I from meningitis.

1902 - 22 février
Birth of Alfred George REGNER (known as Alfred II).
According to the Amiens the register of births, marriages and deaths of Amiens: "on February 22, 1902, at seven o'clock in the evening, at 5bis Beauregard Street, Alfred George was born to of Pierre Louis Marie REGNER, teacher of German language and Célina Elisa PUGET, housewife, his wife, domiciled above".

Studies at the Jesuit secondary school were regularly interrupted by frequent stays in the countryside for health reasons. His parents encouraged his artistic predisposition. He enrolls at the Regional Fine Art school of Amiens.

Evacuation of Amiens (WWI). The family is taken in by Mrs. BOLARD in Thuy-Signol (Eure). The head of family dies of the Spanish influenza.

His mother returns to Calais, her birthplace. Jean will continue his medical studies, but Alfred has to work; becomes lace designer and attends the School of Decorative Arts of Calais of 1920 to 1927. Boxes and plays Rugby. Stops playing following an injury.

Set design for "Phi Phi" with the Calais theatre in collaboration with MAISSON.

Launching of the Atelier St. Luc. Beginning of the relationship with Henry LHOTELLIER.

Military service, 4th Zouave in Tunisia. Marriage of his brother Doctor Jean REGNER with Antoinette BERTRAND.

Accepted at the "Salon d'Automne".

Leave Calais definitively for Paris. Severs connections with his entire family and abandons religious practices. Teaching assistant the Charlemagne secondary school. Student at the École du Louvre. Student at the École Nationale des Beaux Arts. Paris. Studies with CORLIN, FOUGERAT, Pierre MONTEZIN, Raymond Legeult- Massier of the JAULMES studio. Grand massier of the school, 1931 to 1932. Awarded Certificate A and B of aptitude for the teaching drawing. Wins SCHOERER prize. The first six medals (Anatomy - sketching - painted decoration - cabin drawing contest...)

Graduate of the National School of Decorative Arts.. Marriage with Jeanne HEURTEVENT (October 10, 1932), of Breton ancestry, adopted by her godfather Jean Baptiste DELALANDE who lived in Bayeux. Appointed professor drawing to the Mariette college of Boulogne-sur-mer. Teaches at the School of the Arts of Boulogne sur mer. Vice-president of the Fine Arts Association of Boulonnais Region.

Birth of his twin girls
Janick et Nicole

Acceptance to the Salon des Artistes français (became member in 1937).

Involved in serious car accident in Normandy resulting in two crushed legs. Physical therapy for six months in private clinic on the coast of Normandy at St-Côme-of-Fresné.(France).

Return to Boulogne.

Birth of Armelle, 3rd girl. Mobilized Adjudant - 501ème company Car of the Headquarters of the 1st army. His wife and children go to live with his in-laws in Bayeux.

Demobilized. Returns by himself to Boulogne-sur-mer (prohibited coastal zone). Teaches history and geography.

Nomination at the college Carnot (future François College 1st and international College of Shape). His family, including his mother, moves to 6, rue de l'arbre sec.

Purchase the press of architect and engraver DROBECQ's press after his accidental death

Introduced to engraving at Edmond RIGAL's studio.

Birth of Anne, 4th daughter. Organizes the Fontainebleau Exhibition.

Included in the "Surindépendants" Exhibition.

Serious nervous breakdown. He does not leave his room for months. Discovers automatic drawing. Abandons figurative painting thereafter.

Birth of Catherine, 5th daughter.

Enrolls in "Cours du mardi" (Tuesday classes) given by Dr. Francoise DOLTO, psychoanalyst.

Decoration for services to education in France. Death of his mother on October 11th in Fontainebleau.

Teacher at the International Secondary School (SHAPE). Teaches draftsmanship to the advanced students at the Fontainebleau secondary to prepare them for the fine art schools.

One man exhibition at the Raymond Creuze Gallery.

Receives "Chevalier du Mérite Social". Bronze medal of the City of Paris. Prizewinner of the newspaper Award "L'Amateur d'Art" on February 6, 1958.

Begins teaching at the COLBERT secondary school in Paris. Share his time between Fontainebleau and Issy-les-Moulineaux.

Retires. Appointed professor emeritus. Leaves Fontainebleau for Bayeux where he sets up his new studio where he remains.

Creation of the 1st Exhibition of the Original Engravings of Bayeux at the Museum Baron GERALD with Robert HAMON and Henry LHOTELLIER.

Death of his brother Jean REGNER, surgeon.

His health worsens despite surgery. He loses sight in one eye and receives a pacemaker. He is forced to give up painting forever.

Retrospective exhibition at the Baron Gerald Museum of Bayeux..

Death of REGNER on September 20 in Bayeux.

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