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Alfred Georgres REGNER, peintre graveur

Le pot de vin
In addition, this strange world often describes certain aspects of the everyday psychology that the painter keenly observes. In "Le pot de vin", a difficult bargain pits a cupid-shrew (a genuine Celestine from Fernando de ROJAS), and the hesitant man. A marvelous orange parakeet is at stake and the deal-sweetener is a bottle of Tavel. So, too, in "Le tentateur " - with the young lady ready to give in and the debauched woman sup[revising the interchange - and even before that the "Eminence grise" where the rooster, being dramatically stalked, risks having his feathers glued by the crafty counselor. These are classic situations, expressed by a keen eye. The characters from "le tentateur" and "Eminence grise" scream the truth. And, strangely, we will remember having met them before.