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Alfred Georgres REGNER, peintre graveur

La gueule du loup - La gueule et le loup
REGNER does not ignore humor, as we can see with the satisfied toad which has gorged itself and the finesse of the sly wolf in "La gueule du loup". As we also see in "Le bon vivant", a pasha bird is well installed in his merry harem and cuddled by a female duck. In "Démangeaisons", we see that monsters, too, have lice. Each time, REGNER defines types of humanity. In "Le petit déjeuner au lit", a banal setting if ever there were one, we expect to see a stupid argument flare up at any moment between the spouses for no apparent reason."Les coulisses de Yalta" have us witness a congress of ludicrous old men. Everyday life does not escape him; "Fin d'opération" and "La décision" introduces us to the world of surgery, (Regner's brother is a surgeon), "Dans les blés", "L'exode" and numerous scenes from family life.