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Alfred Georgres REGNER, painter engraver

Companionship 1925-1932

Le modèle nu - 1926
Soon, he found the instruction at the Fine Arts School both static and routine; it seemed not to lead anywhere. He has a presentiment and leaves the school in 1925 to create the Atelier Saint-Luc in a vast unused room in a lace making factory. Several students from the school with similar beliefs joined him, including a career soldier, a poet, a sculptor and others from the lace making field [the author of this article is also among this group]. The enthusiasm was high; studying with live models, painting still-lives, and creating from the imagination. We divided the plaster walls among ourselves and soon they became covered with caricatures of mythological scenes.

REGNER's work at the time showed his attraction to mural painting, an attraction that would later be the object of his research. In this friendly atmosphere, everyone received from each other and gave to one another. REGNER, who was the oldest of the group, revealed his capacity for teaching. Nonchalantly, he would walk by, giving advice here and there to those who were receptive, never pontificating. At the same time and doubtlessly under his mother's diffuse influence, he started to study the deepest mysteries of the esoteric, parapsychology, and the automatic drawings of the Surrealists.