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Alfred Georgres REGNER, peintre graveur

In 1937, a severe car accident forces him to stay in Normandy by the sea for his rehabilitation. He enjoyed fishing, and tracking enormous octopuses in their rocky caverns. Were not these the Mothers of the monsters of his future bestiary?

In 1938, he is able to take up his activities again, and passes on to his students what his masters have taught him. To this, he adds his own personal contribution, an insight into our own psyche. Several of his former students have spoken to me about him with gratitude having recognized this gift of introspection. His thoughts on the transmission of knowledge lead him to write a "Treatise on Drawing" or "The Spirit of Graphic Representation through the Interpretation of Art-Studio Jargon". This work was interrupted by the war in 1940 and would only be finished in 1948. This treatise defines with great precision the "L'acte de dessiner (the act of drawing)" when the artist is engaged both physically and mentally. Using the symbolism of the Tarot, he proposes "for the one who knows how to read" a parallel philosophical attitude that can take one "to a level where the technician frees himself from the material and enters into the nobility of intelligence".