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Alfred Georgres REGNER, peintre graveur


Ex-libris, gravure
In 1941, he is hired as an Art Teacher at the Lycée François 1er in Fontainebleau. He lives at the edge of the forest, a mysterious forest with its bizarre rock outcroppings, its tormented trunks, its torturous roots, and its strange gypsum flowers. This mysterious atmosphere will reinforce his attraction to introspection and the paranormal. Now, he can pick the fruit that has ripened. After a few figurative paintings, he evaluates his work and, in 1945 devotes himself exclusively to "automatic" drawing. Until 1953, his paintings still have the mark of "good decoration", acquired at the Atelier Jaulmes, but the inspired line emerges and the common outlines form the thread of his "automatic" drawings.

In 1946, he engraves his ex-libris, a spider in the center of a web in front of a palette. The word "spider", in French, araignée, evokes his name, "A. Regner". The web is tight and will catch all the figures that the subconscious releases. By 1953, he knows what he wants, what he has to do and, from that time on, his work will blossom.

After two years of teaching in Paris, at the Lycée Colbert, he retires in 1962 and settles in Bayeux where he dies, on September 20, 1987.