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Alfred Georgres REGNER, peintre graveur

Alfred Geogres Regner dans son atelier de Bayeux
Alfred-George REGNER's work fits together with exemplary continuity and cohesion despite a division into two main periods. The first "figurative" (1915-1945), and the second, which can be described as "automatic" (1945-1986).

Rather than divide his career into periods, however, it is better to find continuous threads that binds his experiences, bit by bit, from his beginnings as a painter to the full realization of his artistic works -- a thread which reconstructs and enriches his art until his final accomplishments.

Already, in 1925, "le Combat des Walkyries". an automatic painting, is proof that he was already aware of what would come. No other painting followed it thematically at the time, but it does suggest, metaphorically, that the fruit of the tree can only be picked after a long cultivation and careful pruning and cutting. "le Combat des Walkyries" was premonitory and showed the path. REGNER took it and the path was not easy. It was a path filled with pitfalls and doubt. Unanticipated trials often manifested themselves, but he who overcomes these adversities comes out stronger and is armed with a revitalized awareness. This uninterrupted path of persistence, with the desired result envisioned from the start, is particularly remarkable.

The REGNER I knew in 1925 was the same Regner in 1987. Slowly, with patience and obstinacy, he was driven to create his art, giving birth to its materiality. He unceasingly perfected the work, a work enriched by his introspective personality and the hidden treasure of his subconscious. During this long endeavor, the art revealed itself, and by a mysterious alchemy, the creator became the work itself. Thus, one must carve the stones before building the cathedral..