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Alfred Georgres REGNER, french painter engraver

Apprenticeship 1915-1925

Environ de Frethun - Paysage au point rouge
In pursuing his path as a painter, REGNER completed each of the stages of training, starting with an apprenticeship in the basics. The relationship between master and apprentice is forged by working alongside one another and allows for a fruitful exchange. This leads to mastery, integration of the skills acquired and creation of artwork. .

REGNER was born in 1902 in Amiens where his father was a teacher and spoke seventeen languages. Celina Puget, his mother, his mother, is an authentic witch ("A.G.R. dixit ") and is the oldest child of an industrialist of Calais. Descendant of Pierre Puget, she teaches him "le culte du grand homme", the cult of the great man of the family whose motto was: "Nul bien sans peine" (no pain no gain).